Phone screen replacement in Northolt UB5

 In iPhone 6, Repairs In Northolt

A Customer booked a cracked screen repair via web-form for her iPhone 6. She was informed that nearest iTechnician in West London area, UB5 would contact her. Sooner, iTechnician called the customer to schedule meeting at 19:00 because iTechnician was busy with other repair appointments.

In an active area of Northolt, iTech arrived 5 minutes before schedule, and the customer was excited to see the Technician because her studies were disturbed for not having iPhone which was extremely damaged (both LCD and screen). On the top, it was bent and dented badly as well. The customer looked frustrated because there were many problems on the spot. The Technician replaced both LCD and Glass after removing bent as well. The customer was so happy her dead phone became new, and the Technician was thankful.

Difficulty repair rate:    8 out of 10

Phone screen replacement in Northolt UB5

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