Contact free Call-out Mobile Phone repair at outside service

We are experiencing challenging time of COVID-19 epidemic in the country where key services like Tech or manufacturing stores or local phone repair shops are closed,

We know that you would be in more pain when your phone will be broken down and you would not able to fix it and city is lock-down.  In this situation, either you can choose our sameday pick and drop or mail-in-repair service. You can also choose our same regular call-out Phone repair services with contact-free.

we, iRepairMan, are fully equipped to serve our nation. It means our call-out mobile phone repair services will continue as it with difference of great protection for both our technician and yourself.

Let us brief you how does it work?

  1. On repair appointment day and hour, our Technician will maintain the social distance from yourself and premises.
  2. Our technician will be wearing all protective equipment like facemask, gloves, sanitiser and cleaning products for your in-hand phones and tablets.
  3. Technician will take your broken phone from the surface you place, keeping the safest distance.
  4. After cleaning and repairing the phone, we will place the phone back on the surface in the envelope and you can take it.
  5. iRepairMan can repair your phone outside your house or office building just in front of door in various options. Such as in the stairs, in front garden or greenery place, driveway, guest room, outside front door or even in the vehicle.
  6. For card payment we have contactless card machines. To avoid physical card payment, we encourage to pay us in advance or after repair, over the phone, by web-link in the invoice, Bank transfer or contactless card payment on the spot.

Please feel free to book to mend your Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series, Apple Watches and much more.

Contact Free phone repairs outside home service

We come outside your home or office to repair screen battery LCD or charging port issue


Challenge to COVID-19 to keep doing productive work on smartphone

Apple stores are closed in COVID-19 pandemic but iRepairMan can come outside your home or office to fix your broken phone screen or battery

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