Fastest contact-free Mail-in-Phone-Repair Service Same day

In these difficult times of pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19, of health security and safety, iRepairMan will continue to serve people of London in their difficult situations especially when their smartphone screen or battery will be broken down on weekdays or weekends. It does mean our regular call-out phone repairing service will continue as it.

However, due to spread of coronavirus in the London, we have decided to introduce our additional especially service i.e. Fastest Mail-in-phone repair service same day

Now, you can send your device (Phone/Tablet/Watch) by our comfortable courier service, to our repair centre within London.

Let us brief you how it works:

Step 1 – You will book the repair online or over the phone and choose option repair-in-repair or type it in notes while online book.

Step 2 – (option 1) Either we will email you prepaid shipment labels (real time trackable) to be picked-up your phone from your home or office on your suitable hours and days.

(option 2) You can send your phone to our office by using your courier or especial delivery Royal mail service.

Step 3 – Courier will drop your device to us, and we will start the repair your device same day and ready to despatch you same day.

Step 4 – We will email you invoice containing secure pay by web-link either using any bank card or PayPal or Bank transfer, straightway.

Step 5 – We will despatch your device for next day delivery at your desire location.

We want to carry out our safe repairing procedure, in-person interaction, tools & equipment, parts all from hygienic point of view. We apply sanitisers and soapy material to maintain highest degree of cleanliness. Our technicians are trained to give you repair service to interact from couple of feet distance if we are coming at your home or business site.

We also can carry repair work outside of your building or home to secure your safety from bacterial or coronavirus.

We have now aim to provide highest degree of repair service in terms of security and normal survival in these difficult times of pandemic.

We, also, can fix your phone outside your house or building in the street. Our technicians are fully aware of safety concern of you or people at your premises.

Fastest Mail-in-phone-repair service in London

Either our courier or your courier can drop your broken phone to one of our repair centre in London.

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