iPhone repair in Hatfield AL9

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Customer called to the office to book mobile phone repair in London for his wife. Her iPhone was not charging since that day. There was no hope because it was Sunday. Fortunately, they discovered iRepairMan.co.uk on Google and phoned us. Although there were many repairs scheduled already, the customer was emphasizing to fix his wife phone on priority. The repairman office sent iTech to his location which was quite far from the base. House was in fields of Hatfield connected with Barnet A1. When iTech arrived at a customer home and opened her iPhone, it was water damaged. However, the client wanted to fix the charge port because they could not afford to take the phone away to fix water damage. In 20 minutes, The Technician repaired the charge port by replacing it with a new charging port.

In the end, the customer was happy and found a possible solution to water damage and impact of water damage on iPhone.


iPhone repair in Hatfield AL9

Mobile Phone Repair in Hatfield AL9

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