iPhone 5C Screen Repairs

We can also provide: Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Water Damaged, Charging Port, Sound Issues

Apple is a brand which is associated with creating this modern era of smartphones, though it has amazing features yet it has always been a bit too expensive for the users, but it has its line of loyal fans who would buy everything Apple manufactures, iPad, iPhones, Mac computers, etc. With its generation 5 of iPhones, Apple tried to experiment a bit to produce mobiles which were a bit less expensive, so it introduced iPhone 5C model in September 2013.There are some very unique specifications of iPhone 5C that weren’t present in the previous model. Some of them are:

  • Plastic and fiberglass casing
  • Five different colors (blue, green, pink, yellow, white)
  • Hardware: A6 CPU processor
  • Display: 4-inch
  • Resolution: 1.136*640 pixels
  • It can connect to WiFi, 4G LTE, HSPA+
  • Storage: 16GB &32GB
  • Software: iOS 7 and above
  • Thickness: 8.9mm
  • Front Camera: 1.2-MP, Back Camera: 8-MP
  • Battery Life: 10 hours talk time
  • Sensors: Gyro-meter, Accelerometer, etc

Although it became quite popular but many issues arose which decreased its popularity among people. Some of the most frequently reported issues of iPhone 5C are:

  • Time Clock problems
  • Improper functioning of sensors
  • WiFi network connectivity issues
  • Overheating problems
  • Texting problems
  • Sound and microphone problems
  • Blank screen issues
  • Apps crashing with updates to latest iOS

iRepairMan, your best choice to get your iPhones fixed. Be it an iPhone 3, 4 or iPhone 6 and latest, there is no phone whose problems our technicians can’t sort out for you. In this article, we will give information about iPhone 5C, a model in the 5th generation of iPhones with plastic casing by Apple.

Problems handled by our iTech are:

  • Damaged or cracked screen
  • Touch problems in touch screen phones
  • Battery replacement
  • Camera issues, both front and back camera
  • Speaker Problems
  • Bent frame
  • Water Damage
  • Charging slot replacement
  • Blank screen or dead phone problems
  • Problems with in-built apps such as texting, audio, and sensors
  • Overheating and battery drainage problems

Our Method of work:

With us, you can get any problem solved regarding your iPhone 5C. You can avail our services easily simple by:

A- Calling or texting our customer care or emailing us at [email protected]

B- Within an hour, you will be contacted by our local technician (also known as iTech) who is specific for your area. Our company provides services to all the areas of London and surrounding area within 15-20 miles of Baker Street Station.

C- You make an appointment with our iTech according to your feasibility. Decide a time, day and place and our iTech will meet you there and then.

D- On the scheduled day, our expert iTech meets with you and repairs your phone in front of you. You can then pay him and get a one-year warranty on the repair. Our services are very cost-effective and reliable. All our technicians are DBS cleared.

For any query regarding our services, email us at [email protected]

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