fixed Apple Watch at my work Regents Park NW1

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Last year I purchased Apple Watch and was excited. Few weeks ago, my palm hit with table and sooner I realized that my Watch touch is not working as there was crack. Only few areas of touch were working. Ahhh! I cannot believe now my gym, fitness and work notification would no longer be working. When I search its repair than I could not found except Apple store and iRepairMan only. Apple store was repairing it in over £300 with many days waiting. However, iRepairMan guy booked it in advance. He came my workplace on the booking day. I was so surprised to see it took around 20 minutes to replace new LCD screen on my Apple watch. I could not stop to jumping and telling my colleague to show my wrist saying that “LOOK now watch is working like new”. I saved hundreds of pounds instead of repairing to Apple Store or buying another new Apple Watch. Well done guys!

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