What to Do if You Drop Your iPhone 6s in Water?

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The first thing that comes to mind after being a proud owner of iPhone 6s is that how will I fix my iPhone in London, in case of a water incident. Apple is going to definitely take billions and billions once the warranty period is over. So a better research is good, as you will see only less and less of damage after precaution is done best. Though, you may find countless companies with iPhone screen replacement in London. But, most of them aren’t even capable to handle a small water emergency with your phone. So, here are some DIY treats for your iPhone 6s’s safety.

The Sinking Is Real

Yes, that’s true. The sinking feeling of horror is fulltime real. You know your prized possession is in the arms of water, and, no matter what there is no way out of this deadly sinking feeling in your gut. So, before you go off to the hills screaming, sit down, and relax. Take a deep breath, and take your phone out of the water. The longer your phone will be submerged in water, the damage will prolong. So, take it out without losing your cool.

Turn It Off To Protect It

Elders keep saying that always turn off switches and plugs, so use that piece of advice here too. Turn-off your mobile, and in no condition turn it on. Even if your phone is on, just slide the lock screen to switch it off. You have to keep it off for a better safety for at least two days. It’s not water that will blow it off. But, the electrical circuits, which are running the electricity in the iPhone’s circuit panel.

Dry It Off Completely

Use a towel, or dry piece of cloth to dry your mobile. Never, ever use a hair-dryer to do this. You will damage your phone beyond repair. The heat produced while using the dryer will damage the phone internally, and you will feel a huge loss in buying another. So, just use a towel or dry cloth for this purpose. You will feel better too, after this small caring process.

Zippers Are Your Best Friends

Roger that, like plastic bags, and preferably zippers are the best tool. Now, don’t use uncooked rice to add to the bag, instead use the silica-gel bags which you will see in the medicines or your shoe boxes too. Release as much air as possible from the zipper, and put your iPhone in it for getting dry.

Let your phone dry-off for 24 to 46 hours at best, and then turn it on. If all did go well then you won’t be needing any fixes or iPhone repairs. All iPhones attribute a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) which is triggered in case water seepages towards the circuit panel. The LCI turns bright red if your iPhone is damaged. If you’re lucky this won’t happen, but if it does then you know how to contact iPhone repair labs. Or, an Apple outlet to get it checked as well.

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