Apple Event 25-03-2019 Highlights

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Apple Event – 25-03-2019
Apple News New App
  1. All Magazines to Apple News +
  2. Digital subscriptions
  3. Largest Metropolitan newspaper and Wall Street Journal
  4. For only £9.99 everything with all family sharing no extra charge

Financial Life

  1. Apple Card
  2. Apple Daily Cash
  3. 2% daily cash for every Apple pay.
  4. 3% daily cash for Apple store purchases by Apply pay.
  5. No Late fee, No Annual fee, no International Fee,…
  6. Lower interest rates
  7. No penalty interest rates
  8. Private and secure
  9. Apple does not know what you and how much you purchased.
  10. Goldsmith & MasterCard partner
  11. No private detail on Apple card but only chip


  1. 1 Billion people who are Gamer on App store
  2. 300,000 games
  3. Apple Arcade
  4. 100+ New games
  5. You can play games without the internet on Apple Arcade (offline games)
  6. Family Sharing
  7. Private and secure
  8. Available this Fall 2019
  9. Price will be available soon


  1. Your favorite shows
  2. A new place for your all movies
  3. only pay for what you want
  4. all in one app
  5. on demand and add-free
  6. online or offline
  7. family sharing
  8. Apple TV channels
  9. Streaming apps
  10. iTunes movies
  11. Sports or Films

Apple TV +

With many TV shows



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