iPhone 7 Screen Repairs

We can also provide: Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Water Damaged, Charging Port, Sound Issues

IPhone 7 was officially announced by Apple on September 7, 2016. New features include an updated display screen, improved graphics and system performance, a new quad core system- on chip and a much applauded water resistance. Additional features include upgraded camera and stereo speakers.

Do you want to buy iPhone 7 but don’t know about the best services for iPhone 7 repairs in London? Don’t worry as we have amazing news regarding iPhone 7 repairs in London.

We can visit your home, office, coffee shop or store if you want to have your phone repaired at any location in London. We generally charge starting from £49.99 as repair cost for the OEM or compatible screen replacement. We provide the 12 months warranty for our services.

Business persons and office workers don’t have enough time to visit local repair shops. We facilitate our business account customers by providing our services at your doorstep.

Apple has been the best-selling brand in the smartphone industry. Their every release has been the top hit, but I am in love with iPhone 7. This awesome product by Apple really captured a lot of new clients that year. Although it is not the most advanced iPhone by Apple still, if you take proper care about the iPhone 7 repair, it is going to stay for a long time with you.

This iPhone 7 is cheaper than many other top models by Apple. If you are not ready to spend 4 figures on a phone, the iPhone 7 can be a better choice for you. You can easily have it repaired from a trusted repair services provider in whole London like iRepairMan. The awesome services by iRepairMan are known for their amazing turnaround time i.e. 10-15 minutes in front of you.

For the last few years, Apple was following the same design. With the release of iPhone 7, Apple introduced a new thinner and lighter design. Even to date, many people love the design of the iPhone 7 more than any other device.

Here are some other great features of iPhone 7 that can change your decision of buying a new phone even today.

  • It has a home button and best for people who don’t like face ID
  • It has one of the best smartphone cameras
  • The display of iPhone 7 is better than some of the latest versions
  • It is friendly repair-ability for issues.
  • It also features the 3D touch

If you love this amazing phone, make sure that you have it repaired by an expert, experienced and certified technician. If you want to have your iPhone 7 repaired in no time at your own home, we will recommend the iPhone 7 repairs in London by iRepairMan.

If you don’t know why to choose iRepairMan, let us have a look at some of the amazing perks like:

We are going to offer same day iPhone 7 repairs in London. Just call them and their expert will be there are a few hours. You don’t need to visit any shop.

If you have important data (files, photos, videos etc) and don’t want to risk it, We will repair the iPhone 7 in front of you so you can have peace of mind. We also can help you retrieve the data if your phone is either completely destroyed or water or liquid damaged. Our success rate is 75%. We charge £39.99 for liquid damage repair and it may take 3-5 days.

We offer the same day repairs in London. Our certified expert itechs will visit your location to solve your issues of the phone at your location. These popular issues are screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port replacement, audio or camera issues etc.

We can visit your home, office, coffee shop or store if you want to have your phone repaired at any location in London.

You just need to call us or text our customer care and our repair man will be at your office, coffee shop or location in no time.

If you love your iPhone 7 then make sure that it never goes into wrong hands. Best phone deserves the best repair services in London. Contact iRepairMan whenever you have an issue with your iPhone 7.

Our Prices for iPhone 7 repairs are as:

Screen repair (LCD & Glass) Original £99.99

Screen Repair (LCD & Glass) Compatible £79.99

Battery Replacement £59.99

Charging port Repair £74.99

Liquid Damage Repair £74.99

Full Diagnostic Service £39.99

Power Button Repair £74.99

Earpiece Repair £49.99

Microphone Repair £69.99

Loudspeaker Repair £49.99

HeadPhone Jack Repair £69.99

Front Camera Repair £74.99

Rear Camera Repair £59.99

Software Fix £49.99

Vibration Repair £49.99


Including £14.99 call-out fee.

The process of getting our service is a fairly simple procedure. It includes the following steps:

A-    Calling or texting our customer care at 07506011774 or emailing us at [email protected] or by filling an online form on our website.

B-     Within an hour, you will be contacted by our local technician (also called iTech) who is specific for your area. You make an appointment with our iTech according to your feasibility. Decide a time, day and place (your home, office or a coffee shop) and our iTech will meet you there and then.

C-    On the scheduled day, our expert iTech meets with you and repairs your phone in front of you in 20-30 minutes. He will not leave until you are completely satisfied with the repair.

D-     You can then pay him via card or with cash and get one year warranty on repair which is a facility you will not get with any other repair company. Our goal is to provide a repair service that is reliable, durable and cost-effective.

Cost of screen repair of iPhone 7 is £79.99 for compatible and £99.99 for OEM /Orignal screen.

If you have anything you wish to ask us, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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